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Reduce External Attack Surface

Uncover what’s really going on and take meaningful action.

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With attackers constantly looking for the easiest path in, even one stray asset can lead to compromise.

Security teams watch over their attack surface and need to know what is essential and what isn’t. Visibility is a foundational step because the “fog of war” makes it impossible to protect everything.

  • Live map of assets

    Scans external domains and internal code repositories to give you a live, complete picture.

  • Track truly vulnerable assets

    Scan and filter noise to identify truly vulnerable systems live or in your bug trackers.

  • Slack Screenshot

    Take meaningful action

    Our embedded operators in your team guide you on where your risks are, which ones need to be addressed, and how.

Other Case Studies We put the customer first

Every feature and service we build is oriented around finding the most impactful issues as quickly as possible and making them actionable and seamless to fix.

Discover your attack surface now.

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