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Use Cases

It's impossible to protect what you can't see. Solving the problem, however, goes beyond discovering assets and making a first pass scan on which ones might be vulnerable. External Attack Surface Management is emerging as the first step to keep attackers at bay.

Go beyond discovery and emulating attacker techniques.

Our Red Team efforts focus on these approaches in great depth, but they are finite, time-boxed, and focused. We wish we could do them for our customers every day and with our investment in building strong technology behind our expert operators. Now ... we can.

The Filter

Your org runs on nuance and context. Your security ops should too.

Enterprises are constantly building, buying, partnering with, and updating technology assets. This makes the risk landscape fluid. An attack surface map is not enough – it can even add more noise to your CISO mind maps. Instead, discover assets intelligently inside and out, determine which ones are really vulnerable, and take swift, meaningful action to protect yourself. Do so continuously, and you’ll make real progress towards solving the cybersecurity problem with a trustworthy partner.

employees remote work

Your trusted offensive security partner.

Our company is set up to provide stellar offensive security. We feature the highest talent density in the market and quality that our customers love. We have the expertise to know where to look and the engineering to understand your environment inside and out.

We put the customer first

Every feature and service we build is oriented around finding the most impactful issues as quickly as possible and making them actionable and seamless to fix.

Defensive Investments Need an Offensive Perspective.

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