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Less Noise, More Context.

SAST tools are notorious for false positives, false negatives, and little context for vulnerability resolution. As a result, your engineers either spend too much time on security, or ignore security altogether. Chariot lets engineers focus on writing and shipping new code, only signaling when it matters.

Features Automated scanning of your source code.

  • Connect your code repository in minutes.

    Chariot supports GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket with an easy-to-use connection wizard.

  • Signals only when it matters.

    Chariot works hard to understand your business context and identifies high-priority vulnerabilities.

  • Automated ticket creation.

    Jira integration lets engineers know when there's a vulnerability to be addressed.

  • Scan as you go.

    No need to kick off your scanning. Chariot scans when new code is committed to your repository.

Chariot. Your Security Workhorse.

Chariot offers full-stack security in a single platform, to make security a less complex challenge. Our modular approach lets you activate only the features you need, and if you’re just looking for the very basics, Chariot is forever free.

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