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Kubernetes is great for automating deployment, scaling, and management.

As with any powerful layer in your cloud-native stack, Kubernetes is a complex platform that requires extensive configuration. With configuration and flexibility, comes security risk. Chariot implements security tools and policies to assure that all in your Kubernetes instance is running as intended, including protection of infrastructure, software supply chain, runtime, and everything between.

Features Ensure your use of Kubernetes doesn't create security risk.

  • Connect in minutes.

    Chariot's easy to use interface brings Kubernetes security into a single pane of glass for all aspects of your SDLC.

  • Find and fix configuration issues.

    Manage configuration elements such as role-based access control and node isolation to minimize security risk.

  • Stay on top of Kubernetes CVEs and security bulletins.

    Automated monitoring of Kubernetes with prioritization and signal only when it matters features.

  • Ensure up-to-date version control.

    Chariot watches for version control against known vulnerabilities to help ensure you are deploying secure versions of software.

Chariot. Your Security Workhorse.

Chariot offers full-stack security in a single platform, to make security a less complex challenge. Our modular approach lets you activate only the features you need, and if you’re just looking for the very basics, Chariot is forever free.

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