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Chariot Attack Surface Gain the upper hand with Chariot Attack Surface Management

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Defenders have the upper hand with Chariot.

Chariot looks for vulnerabilities the same way an attacker would – but for the first time, defenders have the upper hand. Every day, hackers are scanning your infrastructure. When your organization exposes a vulnerability to the Internet, you may only have minutes to respond before a hacker will discover it, leaving yourself open to a breach, ransomware, or phishing. Chariot Attack Surface Management discovers these vulnerable systems in real time, leveraging both OSINT techniques and the ability to scan your source code and infrastructure to provide visibility and context that the bad guys just don’t have.

Capabilities and Benefits Easier and safer security with Chariot Attack Surface Management

  • Direct Integration

    Integrate directly with your existing infrastructure to enhance the one advantage you have: system knowledge.

  • Automatic Monitoring

    Automatically monitor your entire internet-facing attack surface.

  • Continuous Validation

    Validate that your email is correctly configured to minimize phishing and ransomware - not just at a point in time, but always.

  • Real-time Discovery

    Discover exposed services, vulnerabilities, and risks as they occur.

  • Jira Integration

    Triage, investigate, and remediate issues via integration with Jira.

  • Trusted Security

    Praetorian is trusted by the very best brands as a partner to secure systems at scale.

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