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We protect customers by emulating attackers

Praetorian applies an adversarial perspective to help organizations optimize and prioritize their cybersecurity budget on the initiatives that yield the greatest material risk reduction for the fewest dollars spent

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Platform Your advantage over attackers. Chariot.

The most advanced Offensive Security Platform on the planet

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  • one-lensContinuously monitor your attack surface and fix vulnerabilities in real time.
  • vulnerability trackingEnumerate your attack surfacing using the same outside-in point of view that attackers do
  • validateCouple an outside-in point of view with inside-out enrichment by integrating with your cloud environments and ci/cd pipelines for further visibility
  • customer focusLeverage Praetorian’s offensive security operators for exploitation verification to reduce noise and only signal when it matters
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WHAT WE DO Solving your security problems.

Through expertise and engineering, Praetorian helps today’s leading organizations solve complex cybersecurity problems across critical enterprise assets and product portfolios.

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